Energy storage

Energy storage is a practical solution to the challenges within the energy transition. Energy storage is part of an ecological and sustainable future. The car parks of hotels, supermarkets and car garages are increasingly filled with electric vehicles. Commercial vehicle fleets and garages are also making increasing use of electricity. Combine these E-mobility challenges with the growing number of PV connections and you have to start thinking seriously about your E-infrastructure. Now it is up to you to build the essential E-infrastructure. However, the necessary grid expansion is time and cost-intensive. Batenburg can help you optimise your E-infrastructure, with energy storage, for instance, and connect it.

Batteries for charging infrastructure
Would you like to know more about energy storage?

Would you like to know more about energy storage?

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Benefits of Energy Storage

No excavation or permits required.

Installing an energy storage unit can prevent a transformer expansion. This saves time and cost-intensive work such as for permits.

Modularly expandable.

Depending on your needs, you can expand the connection capacity of your energy grid yourself by installing and connecting additional energy storage.

No more operating expenses.

Using self-generated energy and avoiding load peaks will eliminate high costs for additional electricity.

Quick and easy installation.

Without any complicated project planning and within half a day, your energy storage is set up at any location and ready to use.


Some European governments are supporting the expansion of EV charging infrastructure with subsidies for charging stations and energy storage facilities as a result of the Climate Act.


Battery storage units are weatherproof and protected with a fireproof housing according to VDE-AR 2510-50.

Earn money with electricity generated by PV.

By storing renewable energy during the day, you will not be in the dark at night.

of your electricity supplier.

By using self-generated energy, you can avoid rising electricity tariffs and use your self-generated electricity more cheaply.

Economic and efficient.

Low system costs can be achieved by reusing components from a modular system. Each system can be optimally adapted to your needs without any unnecessary additional costs. Only pay for what you need.

Easy to install.

A storage unit can be installed directly using the plug-and-play function in accordance with the guidelines for the power supply connection. All-in-one, AC-connected solution and cloud connectivity.

Intelligent energy management system.

With an integrated energy management system, all electrical consumers can be measured and individually controlled.

Optimise the use of your PV systems

Battery storage prices are falling – energy storage in car parks or agriculture, for example, is increasing. For companies, garages and farms with solar panels, there are ways to increase their own consumption and avoid rising electricity prices. Thanks to the new back-up power function, your most important systems are also reliably protected.

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Energy storage in agriculture

Energy storage in agriculture

At night in particular, high costs are incurred due to the constant supply by cooling or ventilation systems. Even more so if one of the systems breaks down unexpectedly. To prevent this, we want to support you in optimising the self-consumption of your existing PV systems and also protect you with a continuous emergency power supply with our system.

Protect your farm

A separate power supply ensures a continuous oxygen supply to the animals and protection of the cooling systems.

High safety standards

Battery storage is suitable for all weather and environmental conditions. Stable dirt is not a problem. Fire, lightning and outdoor protection IP 54.

Energy storage in parking garages

‘Be independent of rising electricity prices, save on expensive grid connection costs and avoid load peaks.’

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