Solar power

Many PV parks are equipped with our products. Among other products, we supply the compact and inverter substations. Expansion becomes an easy task with the use of our products. In addition to the substations, we provide the combination of the correct and suitable components to enable an undisturbed assembly, such as the medium and low voltage accessories, bushings as well as the fuses so you can start operation and supply energy immediately after assembly. 

See below how we worked to provide the Ampia Hospital with sustainable energy:

Transformer substations

Transformer substations

Batenburg provides the e-infrastructure for your solar energy solution. We use our transformer substations to house this infrastructure. Your e-infrastructure can consist of an installation, transformer or a control room in which data cabinets are stored.

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Inverter station

Inverter station

Take a look at our smart solution for modular expansion of the capacities of your PV park. The inverter station we designed is an integrated solution that positively influences quality & LCOE.

Solar panels

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