Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is great news and there are all kinds of applications. Also in the industry there are several possibilities with AR. Beenen has developed a demo where AR-glasses maintenance becomes efficient, faster and quality-enhancing in the industry.

With AR you remains in the real world, but adds new elements to that existing world. With this technique, for example, installations can be recognized, new places to be placed properly positioned and user manuals are being retrieved. The potential for AR in maintenance is high.

Product highlights

  • HoloLens
  • Maintenance

The HoloLens from Microsoft is an augmented reality headset (AR glasses) with transparent lenses that share the same features as Google Glass. On these lenses, the device projects the hollow graphics. With the clever HoloLens, you can then view and manipulate holograms in the real world as a user.
The glass is transparent so that wearers of the glasses can still see the real world. The so-called holograms are displayed on the glasses, which can also be manipulated with hand movements. The HoloLens headset works without a smartphone, wire or PC and has its own battery.

Maintenance by Augmented Reality

With this HoloLens application, service engineers are able to perform maintenance work with assistance. Thanks to the device, they have remote hands-free access to technical and expert information on the spot, resulting in time savings.

Efficient production :