Data protection

Because of the vertical integration of automation systems in the industry, control systems are increasingly being threatened by viruses and hackers. A well-known example is the Stuxnet worm. Cybercrime can be mere mischief, but more often it is aimed at stealing data or sabotaging production processes.

Industry and infrastructure are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that this development creates novel corporate risks. These risks also apply to the products supplied by Batenburg Beenen, such as control systems for water treatment plants, remote controls for bridges, water locks and pumping stations, the chemical and the foodstuffs industry.


As a control specialist, Batenburg Beenen can support your security team in outlining the risks, drawing up a security plan and designing and realising security measures. IEC62443, the international standard for the securing of industrial automation and control systems (IACS), can serve as a guideline.

Safer production