About us

Batenburg Bellt specialises in the design and implementation of process automation and process computerisation for the (petro) chemical, pharmaceutical, infrastructure, oil & gas and food & beverage industries, among others. The company focuses on complex industrial processes with the application of high-quality automation, as well as advanced computerisation solutions.

Long-term customer relationships are at the heart of Batenburg Bellt. With over 80 employees, we work from four different countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Austria) on projects for these customers.


How we work

A total solution requires a total approach, from the very beginning to product phasing out. We translate a total approach in a variety of ways. We use the same people over the entire life cycle, including the development of the system.

To the extent possible, we work with fixed prices, offering total prices for the entire process. We can provide the entire scope of the project: process automation, process computerisation, hardware, software and installation work.



In a dynamic and challenging global industry like oil & gas, it is important to control costs and maximise value. The technology and automation capabilities available today make it possible to improve the production process. This translates into increased efficiency and productivity. With our knowledge and experience within the oil & gas industry and automation, we will gladly help you stay competitive in a dynamic market.

Obviously, we are not independent when it comes to laws and regulations and standardisation. We comply with the strictest standards and follow international standards.