Brewing line for Ab Inbev

The world’s first truly global brewer, AB InBev, known for beers such as Stella Artois, Jupiler, Hoegaarden and Leffe, is currently expanding its Leuven brewery with a fourth brewing line. This line consists of different components serving the following functions: brewing, fermentation, filtration, storage and bottling. Bellt, part of Batenburg Techniek, was asked to provide the automation for the brewing and fermentation part. The implementation is based on Rockwell PLC and SCADA systems.

The new brewing hall and the bright beer cellar are already in production. The realisation of this project represents a significant increase of their capacity by 33% for AB InBev. This increases the brewing capacity from 9 million hectolitres to 12 million hectolitres on an annual basis. Over 70% of all beer brewed in Leuven is destined for export.

So, if you come across a nice cold beer, join us in a toast to a successful project.