Safer Tunnels with Bellt


Together with Vialis, Bellt set to work to deliver a smart project for the ‘Schiphol tunnel safety’ project.


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This is because the Dutch Tunnel Act has been updated and this also affects Schiphol Airport. We are therefore currently working hard to modernise and automate the tunnels. The aim: modern tunnels in which safety is paramount, traffic flows smoothly in the event of incidents and there is easy access to Schiphol Airport.

The Buitenveldert tunnel was built in the 1960s and is in need of renovation. Two-way traffic in a tunnel tube will soon be banned whenever another solution is possible. That is why southbound buses and northbound traffic switch lanes at the Buitenveldert tunnel. Intersections before and after the tunnel automatically guide you to the right lane, with smart traffic lights ensuring a good flow of traffic. The intersections in combination with smart IT solutions make the Buitenveldert tunnel one integrated system.

For an average tunnel, there are about 14 million requirements and rules in terms of ICT. The automation of the tunnel systems is therefore not a standard task. We have started to make it a safe environment again.  We focus on smart solutions so that traffic at Schiphol can continue without disruption.