Process Automation at Vrumona

We provide the support for Vrumona with the process automation and the MES layer (Manufacturing Execution System)

Vrumona is a soft drinks manufacturer based in Bunnik. For Vrumona’s process automation, we are responsible for devising and implementing optimisations and modifications to the production process, attuned to the wishes of Vrumona.

Added Value

Added Value

We also provide support in resolving any disruptions to the process. In addition, it is becoming increasingly important to gain insight into the course of the processes in order to identify any points for improvement. To this end, we are making adjustments to the controls of the various production processes. As a result, all kinds of data enter the MES layer; for instance, alarm systems and start and end times of batches.

MES is used for:

  • Planning and control of production orders
  • Registration of batches and material flows
  • Quality registration (entry of quality samples, blocking and releasing pallets)
  • Reports on, among others, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

The data from MES is used by various applications and is available via the Intranet.