We are ABB SattLine specialist, ABB Value Provider, ABB system integrator, ABB system 800xa specialist, Sattcon specialist, SattGraph specialist en process automation partner. We have been an official ABB Partner since 2007.

The majority of our employees are ABB certified, and many ABB-related projects have been delivered successfully. Batenburg IAS focuses on the ABB System 800xA, ABB SattLine and ABB Compact Products. Batenburg IAS also has a great deal of in-house knowledge about older ABB systems, such as SattCon and SattGraph. In addition, Batenburg IAS has specialist knowledge of the ABB FOOCOS and ProBase libraries. See our system knowledge page for a detailed summary.

We primarily focus on the Food & Beverage, Water & Infra and Chemical industries. Clients who have made use of our expertise for many years include Milcobel, Coca-Cola and HHSK. Several of our completed projects can be viewed on our projects page.

We also have various videos on our website featuring ABB System 800xA, including the IAS Pumping Station Configurator and our explanation of the ABB ProBase Library.

ABB Process Automation Partner of the Year

ABB endorses IAS’s added value as a partner, and has demonstrated this in recent years with various prizes. For example, IAS was awarded the title of “PA Partner of the Year” in 2011, and received the “ABB Breakthrough Win Award” in 2014.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your ABB 800xA, ABB Compact Products or SattLine systems, or do you plan on implementing your automation process with one of the above ABB products in the future? Then you are very welcome to contact us!