Batenburg IAS commissioned to renew control systems at sewage treatment plants in Alkmaar and Zaandam

Batenburg IAS has been commissioned by Hollander Techniek to renew the operating systems at two sewage treatment plants in Alkmaar and Zaandam-East. At the Alkmaar sewage treatment plant, this involves the complete renovation of the operating system. At the Zaandam-East sewage treatment plant, this involves modifying the operating system to digest a greater sludge volume. Both sewage treatment plants are owned by the Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier (HHNK, Holland Noorderkwartier Water Board).

RWZI Alkmaar

Alkmaar sewage treatment plant project Alkmaar sewage treatment plant will be extensively renovated. This has major consequences for the operating system of this sewage treatment plant. In the current situation, the operating system consists of a single ABB SattLine controller and a large number of relays. In the new situation, there will be three ABB SattLine controllers, and a large part of the electrical system will be renewed. The operating software will also be extensively rebuilt.

Zaandam-East sewage treatment plant project At present, HHNK digests around 45% of the sludge volume. This means that more than half of the sludge is not used to produce energy. HHNK investigated how the remaining sludge volume could also be put to good use. The result of this investigation is that the spare digestion capacity at the Zaandam-East sewage treatment plant will be taken up with sludge from other treatment plants. In this way, another 16% of the sludge volume can be digested. The digestion of sludge produces (bio)gas. HHNK can use this gas to fuel vehicles, or to generate electricity that can be used for sewage treatment.

To fulfil these goals in practice, the sludge processing system at the Zaandam-East sewage treatment plant must be modified. New ABB SattLine controllers will also be installed, including one with a bigger CPU.

Much ABB SattLine expertise at Batenburg IAS

The modifications to the operating systems at the sewage treatment plants in Alkmaar and Zaamdam-East both involve the ABB SattLine. Batenburg IAS is an ABB Certified Premier Partner, and is also an ABB SattLine specialist. Most of the employees at the Zundert-based company are ABB certified. SattLine is still a part of the installed base at a large number of Batenburg IAS's customers. IAS still regularly implements software changes for these customers. In addition, Batenburg IAS supplies 24/7 support for these SattLine systems.