ISO 9001 certification for Batenburg IAS

Batenburg IAS is delighted to announce its ISO 9001 accreditation, earned in December 2016. Recently every effort has been made, together with the already ISO 9001 accredited JB Systems, to standardise all the business processes between both organisations. Batenburg IAS and JB Systems are both innovative leaders in the field of industrial computerisation and never cease working on mutual qualitative improvements. Bureau Veritas, the accreditation authority, visited both organisations and subjected them to a thorough testing in accordance with the prevailing ISO 9001 standard. The test was passed successfully.


ISO 9001 background

ISO 9001 is an international standard covering quality management. The purpose of the standard is the continual improvement of a particular organisation’s quality management system, via the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA) method:

  • Plan: determining the objectives and processes required to attain results that concur with the client’s wishes and the organisation’s strategy;
  • Do: executing the processes;
  • Check: monitoring and measuring processes and p roducts in terms of strategy, objectives and requirements, both for the product and for results reporting;
  • Act: undertaking measures in order to continually improve procedural performance.

Key step in further professionalisation of Batenburg IAS

The ISO 9001 certification helps to safeguard that Batenburg IAS procedural, resource and product quality within the organisation is managed and maintained. The employees work according to standardised processes and procedures, as outlined in the Quality Manual. Internal audits train the spotlight on these issues on a structural basis, and improvements are consequently implemented where necessary. Furthermore, an external auditor undertakes an annual audit, which verifies that the Batenburg IAS management system remains efficient and continues to be applied correctly in day to day operations. As such, the ISO 9001 certification forms a key step in the further professionalisation of Batenburg IAS.