Process Knowledge


We are an effective partner for your automation project. Thanks to years of experience in industrial automation, our staff has amassed not only knowledge of systems but also an enormous amount of knowledge about processes. As a result, we are more able to accurately translate your wishes into requirements and functionalities. This manifests itself in a reliable and convenient development procedure and optimal handover: fewer start-up problems, and a more efficient and stable process.

As each of our employees has, on average, over 15 years of experience, we have amassed an enormous amount of process knowledge. See below a sample of the processes:

  • Food & beverage:
    • Pasteurization Lines
    • CIPsets
    • Tank Farms
    • Filtration Systems
    • Reverse Osmose (RO) Systems
    • Mixing Systems
    • Evaporators
    • Homogenisers
    • Centrifuges/Bactofuges
    • Standardization Lines/Blending Lines
    • Filling Machines
    • Aseptic Systems
    • Reactors
    • Batch Management
    • Curd Prepration
    • Cheese Factories
    • Routing solutions
    • Ovens
    • Water Control Installations

  • Water & infrastructure:
    • Sewage treatment plants
    • Wastewater treatment plants
    • Tunnel Systems
    • Bridge Automation
    • Traffic Control Centres

  • Chemical:
    • Reactors
    • Batch Management