Product routing with ABB System 800xA

At Batenburg IAS we work a lot with the ABB ProBase Library for ABB System 800xA. ProBase is a powerful package with libraries, typicals and templates for product routing. For example, Batenburg IAS has fully automated Milcobel's new mozzarella line in Langemark with ProBase. This new mozzarella production line is the largest 800xA/ProBase installation in the Benelux, consisting of 9 Operator Workplaces and 9,000 new I/O. The new installation is integrated into the existing SattLine/Foocos environment. Batenburg IAS has developed special modules for this so that the SattLine/Foocos and 800xA/ProBase environment seamlessly merge.

We have made a video about the ABB ProBase Library to give you an idea of the benefits of using this library.