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Astra Sweets

Astra Sweets is an important player in the sweets sector. The parent company is located in Turnhout (Belgium) and is part of a group of companies that are active in the food sector. Astra Sweets has grown into an innovative enterprise that has gone through many new developments in the past years. Astra Sweets services the national and international sweets market with brands such as Frisia®, Faam and a great variety of private labels.

More information?

Astra Sweets has two production locations, one in Harmelen, the Netherlands, and one in Turnhout, Belgium. Astra Sweets also had a factory in Breda, but this factory was closed and the production moved to Turnhout. The factory in Turnhout has a capacity of 27,000 ton per year.

For a large part, the factory in Turnhout runs on ABB SattlLine. For years, IAS has been involved in the maintenance of the control systems and also takes care of most of the software changes for the SattLine system. In addition, Astra Sweets uses the IAS 24/7 service, meaning they can count on support from IAS engineers day and night.