Virtual Commissioning: reduce risk, increase performance

Virtual Commissioning: reduce risk, increase performance.


To demonstrate some of the new capabilities of TIA Portal v14, Siemens and Batenburg JB Systems have collaborated to showcase the virtual commissioning of a compensated knuckle boom crane. The control of the crane is developed in Matlab Simulink but runs directly on the PLC that is used to automate the crane in reality. The control software and hardware are therefore as real as it gets but the rest of the world is simulated in order to completely test and optimize the performance of such control system.

Virtual Commissioning prevents unwelcome surprises during commissioning by allowing full functionality tests and optimization in a virtual world, using the real control software and hardware. The control software, developed in Simulink runs on the SIMATIC ET200SP Open Controller (1515SP PC). This has been made possible with the new SIMATIC Open Development Kit (ODK) en Target 1500S for Simulink.

Problems that rear their head in the last moments of commissioning can now be discovered and solved months before.

SIMATIC ET200SP Open Controller


Target 1500S for Simulink