The long-term success of Batenburg JB Systems depends on our ability to continuously improve the standard of our services in terms of safety, quality and the environment. The emphasis must lie on ensuring the health of our people as well as operational safety and quality improvement. This position is in the interest of our customers, employees and suppliers.

Batenburg JB Systems expects active involvement in and responsibility for QHSE from all employees and suppliers. Line management plays a leading role in communicating, implementing and complying with our QHSE standards. We endeavour to fulfil the following objectives:

  • To strive at all times to project and improve the health and safety of our people;
  • To eliminate quality problems and accidents;
  • To acknowledge the specific requirements of our customers and to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction;
  • To set quality and health targets, measure results, assess these results and ensure a continuous process of improvement;
  • The management ensures an open environment in which employees of all levels in the organisation can speak to one another.