Olam Cocoa

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  • Determining causes of production losses using the OEE measuring method.
  • These causes are to be classified in order to determine the causes which occur frequently and/or lead to significant impact on the production results.
  • This information assists in prioritizing maintenance activities in such a way that these aid in obtaining the best possible production results



  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a
    measuring tool to visualize and identify production
    losses, which can be eliminated by improvement
    strategies like TPM (Total Productive Maintenance),
    Lean Manufacturing, WCOM, or Six Sigma.
  • By determining OEE the production team can prove
    how successful the efforts are to improve
  • For OEE-measurement losses are determined for
    each specific process.
  • Specific losses are related to the Six Big Losses
    according to the ‘TPM improvement-strategy’.
  • On top of the Six Big Losses, loading losses are taken
    into account.
  • Including the loading losses, OEE can be called
    TEEP instead (Total Effective Equipment


  • PI-AF Analytics are used to automatically detect downtime and speed loss events.
  • The MAGION Application Framework is used to develop a web application which allows operations and maintenance to manually classify the events and visualize the results.
  • With the event results and classification the OEE is calculated and reported.

Project results

  • Clear insight of the main causes of production losses per asset or asset group.
  • Overview of causes which need close attention and/or performance improvement to increase
    production results.
  • Web based reports of OEE results per day, week, month and shift providing the asset manager
    detailed insight into the performance.