We supply advice on process optimisation, translating the ideal process into software functionalities, infrastructure and hardware. This includes among other things:

  • Drawing up User Requirements;
  • Efficiency in visualisation, alerts and tracing malfunctions (also known as Operator Effectiveness);
  • Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership;
  • Process optimisation: how can processes and automation be coordinated better;
  • Match/mismatch between the business requirements, process requirements, software functionalities and the potential for improvement;
  • Stability/vulnerability to malfunction of software and the (avoidable) management/repair costs;
  • Continuity of the software: availability of source code, quality of functional specifications/user manuals, dependency of functional controller and their domain knowledge, potential loss from discontinuity;
  • The business case: how realistic are the assumptions of the business case.

Our engineers can also provide guidance during the construction of software and hardware (whether developed by you or by third parties), checking for stability, effectiveness, efficiency and continuity. This includes among other things:

  • Project management during construction;
  • Overall project management; cooperation with the main contractor and subcontractors such as electrical engineering firms;
  • Training; this can range from technical staff to (e.g.) operators who have to operate the factory.

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