Batenburg brings amusement park to life through intensive cooperation

Since the first quarter of 2016, Batenburg has been involved in the development of the ParqGreen amusement park in Reeuwijk. A holiday park with 271 luxury water lodges, houses and villas. A project focused on sustainability and quality.

After the previous contractor dropped out, Batenburg took action to acquire the contract. A special detail is that Batenburg is involved with three parties working together on the 1st phase of 129 homes, namely: Energietechniek, Batenburg Installatietechniek.

Energietechniek is responsible for supplying the transformer substations and site cabinets. Installatietechniek is providing the 10kV cabling for the three transformer substations and the low-voltage cabling between the substations, site cabinets and the power supply to the homes.

Installatietechniek provides the drinking water network. A water meter pit weighing no less than 3,000 kg was delivered and placed on wooden piles for durability and to prevent subsidence in boggy soil.  The pit was installed by the water company Oase. In addition, Dekker van Geest has completed the domestic connections and provided the park with firewater facilities so the fire brigade can do their work properly in the event of possible calamities.

As stated above, the project focuses on sustainability and quality. It is an entirely ecological/green project, which is why all the foundations for the houses, transformer substations and outdoor installation cabinets are made of wood, just like the water wells of Dekker van Geest.

The Batenburg companies help each other to take the next step in technology. Our colleagues from Installatietechniek, for instance, received a course in the Energietechniek warehouse on how to make cable joints. These cable joints were then used to connect the homes in the amusement park to the grid. The planning is to deliver the homes of phase 1 on 1 December 2016 so that the park can be used for its purpose: holidaying.