Charging bay for electric taxis at Schiphol

Batenburg Energietechniek supplied an energy supply for the taxis operating in and around Schiphol Airport that is used to charge the electric cars. Multiple charging stations have been installed where taxis can be recharged in a short period of time.

Accessible transformer substation

The facility consists of an accessible transformer substation comprising 3 compartments. One compartment for a medium-voltage system, one for the transformer and one for the low-voltage distributor. This low-voltage distributor, in turn, feeds the charging stations outside for the taxis. All compartments are separated by an internal wall and can only be accessed through the doors. A basement has been installed under the station where the medium and low voltage cables are fed in.

Our task

The entire delivery and installation of the substation was carried out by Batenburg Energietechniek. The transformer, which in this case was supplied by the client, was connected to the low-voltage distributor by Batenburg.