Energy technology generates green power from tides

For the generation of clean energy, Tocardo Tidal Power and Huisman installed five tidal turbines in the Oosterscheldekering flood barrier. We are involved in this project with a client-specific transformer for Tocardo.

Five tidal turbines

Five tidal turbines

The five tidal turbines have a combined capacity of 1.25 megawatts. By supplying the transformer, Batenburg Energietechniek has contributed to the generation of green energy for as many as 1,000 households. The turbines generate clean tidal power.

For this specific project, we fitted a 1600kVA 10/0.4kV Cast Resin transformer with a special frame. This frame allows the transformer to be tilted 52° and ensures the coils are properly protected. This 52° is necessary because it must be possible to lift the entire system out of the water at times.