Wind energy from Slufterdam breezes into the Netherlands via our transformer substations

Nuon and Eneco have replaced the wind turbines at  Slufterdam Wind Farm. The 17 wind turbines of the Maasvlakte wind farm southwest of the port of Rotterdam have made way for 14 modern wind turbines that are much more efficient. These modern wind turbines are connected to the Stedin energy network via the transformer substations of Batenburg Energietechniek.

With an average wind speed of 8.9 m/s, the Slufterdam is one of the best onshore wind locations in the Netherlands. However, its location right next to the sea also entails extreme weather conditions. Our transformer substations are designed to remain in excellent condition in these conditions.

Transformer substations

Transformer substations

We supplied a total of two 13-by-3-metre transformer substations. The transformer substations consist of three different areas:

Batenburg Energietechniek supplied the 400 kVA transformer and the emergency power supply for the medium-voltage and transformer room. We provided the installation of the systems, and our sister company Batenburg Installatietechniek provided the low-voltage systems in all areas. Fun fact: both substations also house charging stations for electric vehicles. This is in view of the future. This will allow the service engineers to charge their vehicles when resolving malfunctions.

The Scada rooms are designed for the communication platform of the wind farm. The wind turbines can be switched on and off remotely.


New wind turbines

Not all wind turbines are already at the end of their technical lifespan. Some turbines can still generate clean energy at another location. With the new wind turbines in this very favourable wind area, Slufterdam Wind Farm generates enough electricity to supply around 50,000 households with sustainable energy every year. This is more than twice as much as before. The wind farm produces about 50MW in total. The energy generated by the wind turbines is fed into Stedin’s energy grid via our transformer substations.