The energy transition

Energy transition represents the transition from fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas and coal, to renewable energy such as wind and solar. As a technical service provider, we can achieve huge environmental gains with and together with our clients.

Envisioning a sustainable future
Batenburg is making great strides in the field of energy transition. Examples include our applications for hydrogen, solar energy, geothermal heat, charging infrastructure, wind energy, power quality and energy storage. In new construction and renovation, energy saving and CO2 reduction are standard features of our mission.

How do we build the energy transition?

Energy distribution
We realise the power supply from high voltage to low voltage for energy networks as well as industry and non-residential buildings. In this way, we prepare the electricity grid for energy transition. Read more
Wind energy
We realise solutions for connecting wind turbines and wind farms to the energy grid. Read more
Solar energy
In the field of electrical/energy engineering, we provide safe connections of PV parks, from the inverters to the connection to the local grid operator. Read more
Energy storage
We develop energy storage solutions to achieve optimal and efficient grid utilisation. Read more
Truck Charging Infrastructure
By using hydrogen in a central heating system, we save natural gas and thus CO2. With this smart hybrid solution, we are developing and taking an important step with hydrogen in the energy transition.
Bus Charging Infrastructure
We realise charging infrastructure for electric buses.
Car Charging Infrastructure
We handle the engineering, installation and maintenance of EV charging infrastructure. Our service organisation provides fast, professional support and carries out preventive maintenance. Read more
Sustainable real estate
We make real estate more sustainable. We do this by installing more economical E- & M- installations, but it can also start with a complete renovation of premises.

Our solutions

Solar energy

Charging infrastructure

Energy storage

Energy distribution

Wind energy

Geothermal energy

SDG objectives

SDG objectives

Within Batenburg Techniek, we carry out many projects and develop new methods to work on the environment and our society. We want to better indicate this by linking it to the SDG categories used internationally.

With six categories selected, we cover a large part of our projects. By 2020, 58% of our revenue is related to the six SDGs below:

2. No hunger
6. Clean water
7. Affordable and sustainable energy
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11.Sustainable cities and communities
12. Responsible consumption and production