In the heart of the smart industry

Batenburg Techniek supplies industrial automation at the heart of the smart industry.
Under the motto ‘Smarter focus. Brighter tomorrow’ we realise smart solutions for our customers as a technical service provider. We supply the components and take care of the installation.

How can you recognise us? Batenburg employees have domain knowledge of customers, extremely creative problem-solving skills and an energetic work attitude. Batenburg Techniek employs over a thousand people in three divisions and focuses on five markets.

Every day we serve hundreds of clients in industry and infrastructure. We automate and streamline their business processes with smart components. In this way, we help them to maintain their lead. Now and in the future.

We look ahead, as we are proud to be part of the future. In the next 100 years, Batenburg Techniek wants to create a stable future and a healthy world. We feel a responsibility to use our talents to make this possible together with our employees and customers.







‘Smarter focus. Brighter tomorrow’ - our motto reflects our vision


A short-lived hype or a permanent application? Making this distinction is essential. Technological developments are accelerating globally, and it is difficult for companies to keep up.
Batenburg Techniek helps clients make strategic choices and apply new technologies practically. Consuming fewer resources, for instance, or reducing wasteSmarter focus.

The world of tomorrow demands action now. Whether it concerns a sustainable living environment, food production, the climate and energy transition.
As a technical service provider, we create environmental gains through innovation; at and together with clients. This is how we contribute to a sustainable world for future generations. Brighter tomorrow.

Where we make a difference

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Food & Beverage   

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