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Enabling the next step. That is the common thread in the history of Batenburg Techniek. Founder Piet Batenburg was always inspired by technology and its opportunities for his clients. Batenburg Techniek currently develops technological applications for clients in this same spirit. Progress used to be the driving force, still is today and will remain so in the future.

The first steps

The first steps

Piet Batenburg Techniek was an electrical pioneer who made electric light possible for Rotterdam entrepreneurs in the early 1900s. On 29 September 1919, Batenburg is officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam. He continued to grow the company in the 1920s by integrating technological advances into its operations. Opportunities he sees for other entrepreneurs inspire and motivate him. The first expansion marks the future of the company. Batenburg Techniek entered a market that was innovative for the early 1930s: radio and telegraphy: ‘The manufacture, construction, repair and trade of telegraphic products and installations and everything connected therewith in the least sense of the word’ (deed of 1931).

After the war
70s & 80s

70s & 80s

By combining specialisation with innovative technologies, the company continued to grow. For example, Batenburg Techniek designed operating systems for industrial clients.

The company developed into a group that thinks one step ahead all the time. Specialists who translate technical knowledge into practical applications.

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