Socially involved 

We are part of society and consider it our responsibility to contribute to a better society. Focus on people, profitability and the environment are central to the daily thoughts and actions of employees. We show every day that the interests of the company (clients, employees, suppliers and shareholders) go hand in hand with those of society.

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Batenburg Techniek executes many projects and develops new methods for working on the environment and our society. We aim to make this clearer by linking it to the SDG categories that are used internationally.

The six selected categories cover a large proportion of our projects. In 2019, 46% of our revenue was related to the following six SDGs:

Energy saving

Energy saving

Batenburg Techniek actively responds to developments in the fields of environment, energy conservation, renewable energy and waste. The company takes into account the impact on the environment. In this context, the business premises are made as sustainable as possible and the CO2emissions of the fleet are reduced thanks to electric and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Environmental benefits

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