Corporate governance

The Supervisory Directors and Executive Board of Batenburg Techniek endorse in general the principles of good corporate governance as contained in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code.

The pivotal principle is that the company, directors and regulators must aim for long-term continuity and seek to maximise benefit for all the company’s stakeholders. Equally, a balanced and honest way of representation of interests and independent monitoring are key elements of a good relationship with shareholders. Clear and open communication makes a positive contribution to this.

Our Executive Board consists of

Our Executive Board consists of


Ralph van den Broek, CEO

Elles Staats, CFO

Michael Derksen, Division Director Batenburg Industrial Automation

Gerard van Dalen, Division Director Batenburg Installatietechniek

Wim Geneugelijk, Division Director Batenburg Energietechniek

Peter Hendriks, Division Director Batenburg Horticulture

Arend Guijt, Chief Information Officer

Jojanneke Langevoord, Marketing Manager

Angelica van Burgeler, HR Director