Energy infrastructure for solar park Flevo Nice

Clean Energy

The former ice rink, Flevo on Ice, has undergone a transition from an ice rink to a solar park. The area, covering approximately 25 hectares, was no longer profitable due to warm winters, and it has now been transformed into a solar park. The solar park has a capacity of 44 MWp, which is sufficient to power 15,000 households. Batenburg Energietechniek was commissioned by Sunrock and Aton Projects to build the energy infrastructure, consisting of 13 transformer stations.

Energy infrastructure for solar energy

The energy infrastructure of this park consists of 13 transformer stations specifically designed for solar energy. One of these stations is an accessible substation with a medium-voltage installation from Siemens. "The challenge in such projects lies in the logistical aspect, as numerous parties collaborate and must not hinder one another. Coordination with the client is crucial to align our supplier's delivery with the client's schedule," stated Sander Beerens from Batenburg Energietechniek.

Solar park with precise planning

Flevo Nice has outsourced the operation to Sunrock. "Sunrock aims to play a significant role in the energy transition and greening the power demand in the Netherlands by constructing solar parks," said Joost Haverkamp, project manager at Sunrock. The execution is carried out by Aton Projects. "The challenge for projects like this is to bring all involved parties together and support Sunrock, with delivery time being a critical factor. We face global events that put pressure on us, such as the Corona pandemic or the conflict in Ukraine. Despite all these aspects, Batenburg has managed to meet the delivery deadlines," added Antoine van Cruchten from Aton Projects.