Smarter focus

We focus every day on making the production, cultivation and property management processes of our clients smarter, safer and more sustainable. We do this by supplying smarter products, installing these and by developing advanced software to control processes and systems. This includes digital twins, predictive maintenance and augmented and virtual reality solutions. In close cooperation with clients, partners, universities and research institutes, we make the latest technologies applicable in practice. A sample of the applications we realise in industry is presented here.

Water treatment
We are involved in the automation of many processes within the water cycle and infrastructure. We supply control systems for the benefit of water technology such as drinking water extraction and distribution, sewage and wastewater treatment and surface water management.
Data driven growing
We work closely with our customers, partners and universities on sustainable horticultural solutions that add value to global horticulture.
Data intelligence
With data intelligence for process automation and process computerisation, we generate data automatically and in real time, to be used immediately for concrete solutions and automatic adjustments. Read more
Robots & Vision
Manufacturing processes that are slow and rigid affect mass production and delivery times. In addition, specific and personalised products take more time to produce; time that is not always available. That is why we deploy robots & vision so that these processes run smarter, faster and more efficiently.
Read more
Simulation & Digital twin
By creating digital replicas, we carefully test and create complete processes and systems. This increases safety and success rates a lot. Read more
We optimise by automating. We do so with deep knowledge and expertise of operational continuity and secure industrial processes. From design, development and implementation, to installation and maintenance. Read more
Industrial Cybersecurtiy
We have a lot of technical knowledge and specialise in both OT and IT (Operational Technology, Information Technology). This means that we are not only familiar with everything related to monitoring and protecting data, but also have knowledge of monitoring, detecting and controlling hardware and software. This knowledge enables us to help companies protect their industrial systems, networks and sensitive data against attacks. Read more