Alfen and Batenburg Techniek supply Stedin with transformer stations for the expansion of the electricity grid

Sustainable Cities

Rotterdam, June 12, 2023 - Network operator Stedin has signed contracts with energy specialists Alfen and Batenburg Techniek for the supply of 500 prefab transformer stations per year. The contracts have a duration of up to eight years with a total value of €160 million. Alfen and Batenburg Techniek will equally share the implementation. In response to the energy transition, Stedin is actively expanding the electricity grid, leading to a growing demand for transformer stations.

Transformer stations, commonly known as "trafohuisjes" in Dutch, are essential nodes in the electricity grid that enable the presence of solar panels, charging stations, and heat pumps in every neighborhood. More and more people are making their homes or businesses sustainable, resulting in an increased demand for electricity. To address this, Stedin is expanding the capacity of the electricity grid by building large distribution stations, laying new cables, and installing transformer stations. Stedin currently manages around 26,500 stations in Utrecht, Zeeland, and South Holland.


European Tendering Process

The contracts with Alfen and Batenburg Techniek have emerged from a European tendering process. The parties agree that Stedin will purchase a minimum of 150 stations from each company per year, but the intention is to acquire a total of at least 250 units or more. The contract has a minimum duration of four years and can be extended up to eight years. It is expected that Stedin will install the first transformer station from this collaboration in early 2024.

In this partnership, Alfen and Batenburg Techniek act as each other's backup, ensuring that Stedin can always rely on an adequate supply of transformer stations. The two companies take care of the station itself and its installation. The internal components include Eaton's Xiria switchgear systems, for which Stedin already signed a contract in 2020. What sets these installations apart is that they no longer use sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) as an insulating gas. SF6 is commonly used in switchgear systems but is highly damaging to the environment when released. This integration promotes both sustainability and the energy transition simultaneously.


About Alfen:

Alfen is a specialized energy solutions company focused on the transition from fossil fuels to carbon-free energy and the fight against climate change. With over 85 years of experience, Alfen innovates and provides intelligent and integrated solutions for electricity challenges. The company has already implemented its smart grids, energy storage systems, and EV charging points in approximately 30 European countries. As part of the Smart Grid Solutions division, Alfen delivers standardized connection systems, transformer stations, and local electricity networks, including network automation and remote management software. Alfen has a rich history in building transformer stations and has delivered over 45,000 stations. The Alfen stations offer a modular and sustainable solution with a lifespan of up to 75 years.

About Batenburg:

Batenburg Techniek is a technology company with over 1,200 colleagues working towards a more sustainable future. Batenburg Techniek achieves this by improving existing technology, enabling new technology, and applying it to digitalization and the energy transition. Within Batenburg Techniek, engineering and innovation are used to create a positive impact. From specialized knowledge that is practically applicable, the right techniques are brought together. In summary; Smarter focus. Brighter tomorrow. Examples include applications for hydrogen, solar energy, geothermal energy, charging infrastructure, wind energy, power quality, and energy storage.

About Stedin:

Together making a world full of new energy. That is Stedin's mission. Stedin is the independent grid operator for the gas and electricity network in most of South Holland and the provinces of Utrecht and Zeeland. Stedin ensures that more than 2.3 million households and business customers have access to energy for living, working, and entrepreneurship. At the same time, Stedin works on a sustainable energy system that is reliable and affordable in the future. Our area of operation is predominantly urban and industrial. In this area, the energy infrastructure is complex, and the dependence on energy is significant. Stedin has over 4,000 employees, and its headquarters are located in Rotterdam.

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