Connecting nature and technology with IIVO

In October, Hoogendoorn Growth Management launched its biggest innovation to date: IIVO. Not simply a new all-in-one process computer, but much more than that. IIVO is a ‘next level’ climate computer.

IIVO offers smart technologies for covered cultivation. A combination of smart software and advanced hardware. This truly unique system is able to monitor and control any greenhouse. This allows growing more, at higher quality while using minimal resources. With self-learning controls and integrated safety, this is the future of horticulture.

IIVO constantly and consistently monitors all aspects of the greenhouse, including climate conditions, water management and energy management. But the system is capable of so much more. The system collects and archives data to create a complete, holistic overview of the conditions inside your greenhouse. IIVO can therefore be used as an advanced control computer to determine the specific needs of crops at any time.

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