Publication of annual report 2022

For Batenburg Techniek, 2022 was a good year. Revenues rose to €303.1 million (2021: €262.1 million) and the normalised operating result increased to €25.8 million (2021: €19.3 million). The technology company values innovation and solutions to energy issues.

Remarks by Ralph van den Broek, CEO of Batenburg Techniek:

"We see a great need for innovative solutions to make industry and real estate more sustainable. The need to use less energy and cleaner energy is now widely accepted by everyone. With the sharp rise in energy prices, as a supplier of such sustainable solutions, we are seeing a strong increase in demand for these."

Key points

Batenburg Techniek will focus on a number of key points in the coming years: deepening knowledge, engineering and technological innovation and supporting clients with solutions in sustainability, digitalisation and the energy transition.

In recent years, the demand for cybersecurity for industrial processes and vital infrastructure has grown strongly. Programmes aimed at managing cybersecurity risks are in high demand.

Positive impact

In the past year, Batenburg Techniek further intensified the implementation of its sustainability programme. This includes special attention to climate and environment (environment), the social side of business (social) and the method of management (governance). With positive impact, the extent to which a project contributes to one of the selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations is specifically examined. In 2022, turnover in positive impact projects increased by 25% compared to 2021.

Batenburg Techniek also succeeded in attracting and retaining sufficient talented employees in 2022. Plenty of development and advancement opportunities are offered to them through the Young Batenburg network and the Batenburg Academy.

Batenburg Techniek

Batenburg Techniek is a technology company working towards a more sustainable future with more than 1,200 employees. The company specialises in industrial automation, energy transition, supplying industrial components, data-driven horticulture and sustainable real estate. From these focus areas, it works on the technical solutions for tomorrow.

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