Additional charging stations for Arriva in Den Bosch


Batenburg Installatietechniek placed and installed fast charging stations for electric buses for the transport organisation Arriva at three different locations in Den Bosch.

Arriva has expanded the municipal transport services of Den Bosch with seven new electric Volvo buses. With a total of 19 electric buses, the municipal transport services now consist of 60% emission-free transport. To ensure that these buses can also charge during the day, three additional fast-charging stations have been installed.

An additional charging station has been installed at the Petterlaarpark (transferium) and Deutersestraat (transferium) stops. A charging station with two charging points was installed in the Maijweg, near the bus station.

How the fast-charging stations work

A pantograph on the roof of the bus ensures that the buses charge at a rate of 300 kW per hour.

In other words, the bus charges approximately 5kW every minute, which on average suffices to cover a distance of 5km. Thanks to fast charging, the buses have sufficient capacity available throughout the day.