Charging infrastructure for Qbuzz

Clean Energy

In 2018, Qbuzz started working with Batenburg Techniek in its search for emission-free bus transportation. Batenburg Techniek provides the energy infrastructure for the Qbuzz charging solutions. This is how we are working together towards a 100% electric future for Qbuzz in 2030.

Batenburg Techniek provides the supply and installation of the charging infrastructure for Qbuzz. To this end, Batenburg Energietechniek and Batenburg Installatietechniek are working together. Batenburg Energietechniek supplies the compact substations, and Batenburg Installatietechniek takes care of the connection from the compact substation to the charging cabinets and the charging stations.

100% electric driving by 2030

100% electric driving by 2030

In the Netherlands, Qbuzz covers 3 regions: Dordrecht, Utrecht and Groningen/Drenthe. They are switching from diesel to electricity, and the target is to be 100% electric by 2030. In order to realise this, they started a pilot in Dordrecht in which Batenburg Techniek has been involved from day one. Qbuzz is making all its business activities more sustainable and has, for instance, also equipped a car wash with some 200 solar panels.

Energy solution