Sustainable electrical and mechanical systems for Flamco Almere

Clean Energy

The Flamco building in Almere has been nominated the world’s most sustainable building. This was partly thanks to the sustainable electrical and mechanical systems installed by Batenburg Installatietechniek and the efficient energy distribution using busbar trunking provided by Batenburg Energietechniek. Watch the video above to learn more about our working methods.

Flamco’s new building plan comprises 33,788 m2 of2business premises with production space, office space over two floors and logistics space with a loading/unloading bay. All the technology in the new building, which of course includes Flamco’s own products, will be placed in full view so that the company can properly present its own products and applications in the new premises. 

The nomination for the world’s most sustainable building is seen as recognition of our vision at Batenburg to work together on a sustainable future for our clients. It is therefore an honour to serve as a total supplier for this wonderful project. 

Electrical, climate and security installations

Batenburg Installatietechniek supplies and maintains electrical, climate and security installations. Thanks to their specialisation in security technology, climate installations and service, management & maintenance, they help many clients in non-residential construction with safe, sustainable and more efficient operations.

Busbar systems

Batenburg Energietechniek supplies components and systems that are used in the electricity distribution network: from power generation to local connections, such as busbars, transformer substations, etc. We supply our energy-technical solutions to Transmission (TSO) and Distribution (DSO) grid companies and clients in the Solar, E-mobility, E-infrastructure, Public Transport and Wind markets.