Hydrogen Commitment Batenburg Techniek

Clean Energy

Smart focus on a hybrid solution

Tomorrow’s world demands that we take steps now. We will not achieve the set targets with (sustainable generation of) electricity alone. The electricity grid is struggling as a result of the energy transition; multiple energy sources and energy carriers are needed. Hydrogen can offer an alternative to make a large contribution alongside and in combination with current solutions.

Heating with hydrogen

We are carrying out pilot projects for our clients in the utility sector, involving the addition of hydrogen to central heating systems. By using hydrogen generated with renewable energy, we save around 30% on natural gas and thus on CO2. These smart hybrid solutions allow us to replace natural gas. We see hydrogen as a natural gas substitute in the long run. The natural gas network can be used to supply hydrogen to heating systems that are being replaced or converted.

Buffer storage of energy with hydrogen

For solar and wind farms, we see great opportunities in hydrogen storage. Hydrogen can serve as a buffer storage in the wind and solar power sector. Hydrogen storage (in addition to batteries) as an energy carrier from which hydrogen can be reused for central heating systems, mobility or the generation of electricity.
We also invest in hydrogen solutions in our own operations. By implementing projects and pioneering, we develop knowledge and experience in order to use them more widely in our markets.

Investing in hydrogen knowledge

Batenburg operates in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, and by investing in the hydrogen knowledge, expertise and experience of our colleagues, we are building up long-term value. We use these for the benefit of society and our cooperation partners.

An important step in this regard is that the current laws and regulations and the associated certification must be adapted. Insurers, too, must play their part. Effective cooperation between government and industry can give an impetus to the development of hydrogen both in the Netherlands and abroad.
As a technical service provider, we generate environmental gains through innovation, at and in collaboration with clients. We see hydrogen as an important part of the energy mix.

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